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The perfect solution to transport problems when travelling with a large group to Dublin is cheap coach hire services from Minibus Hire Dublin. Yes, there are several coach hire Dublin companies that offer coach hire services to visitors, especially those with large contingents. Before anything, though, maybe you are wondering why, of all the transportation options in this city, you should settle for Dublin coach hire. If you are travelling as a large group, you'd need to weigh your options more carefully and take various factors into consideration.

First, there is the issue about the cost. More people means more seats to pay for when it comes to transportation costs. Taking cabs is out of the question if you are on a budget, because we are talking about more than two or three cabs for your entire group. Plus, the taxi meter is unforgiving. If you hire a single coach, you will only be charged with a single fee that you can split among yourselves. Needless to say, this fee is much lower than what you would have spent in public transport. And did you know that even if you look at all the other coach hire companies in the area, you will find that Minibus Hire Dublin offers very cheap coach hire services? As a matter of fact, it is the cheapest of them all.

Timing and schedule is the next factor. If you are thinking of taking the trains, you have to work your entire itinerary around the schedule of the train rides. That does not allow for much flexibility or freedom for your trip. You have to constantly keep your eye on the clock. If you sign up with Dublin coach hire services from Minibus Hire Dublin, we are the ones who will work around your itinerary. Your time will be your own, and the trip can be tweaked as you desire.

Next up is the space. The problem with some transport companies is how often they fail to deliver the vehicle with the exact seating capacity that the customers require. It's either there are extra, ergo unoccupied, seats, or there is a shortage of seats that the space ends up being crammed. Our coach hire fleet boasts coaches with various seating capacities that will be able to accommodate your specific preferences.

Minibus and coach Hire Dublin also has the best-looking and the best-performing coaches when compared to most of the other coach hire Dublin companies. As if it is not enough that we have the highest quality coaches from the most reliable carmakers in the industry, we also put in some add-ons to make our customers safer and more comfortable. Drinks chillers, entertainment systems and sliding overhead doors are only a few of them. To ensure smooth performance while on the road, we keep our coaches in top shape, making sure that they are regularly checked out for any potential problems. Thus, before you group even laid eyes on our coach, you can have our guarantee that they have passed our standards for safety and quality control.

The next factor that would most likely convince you to choose Dublin coach hire services from Minibus Hire Dublin over the others would be our drivers. Yes, we also uphold the same standards of quality in choosing the drivers that we employ in our company. Not only do we make sure that they check out in the driving skills and competence department, we also make sure they have a clean record and have never been charged with any wrongdoing. That is because we want you to feel safe and secure in their company. The fact that they are very friendly and knowledgeable about Dublin is just icing on the cake, so to speak. They will be able to show you around town and tell you things about it that only a seasoned tour guide could tell you. Come to think of it, with them behind the wheel, who needs a tour guide?
So don't hesitate. Call us now and let Minibus Hire Dublin take care of your group.

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